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Week 1: Resistance Training & Weight Loss

Last week we introduced our #10PoundCountdown to Summer Challenge! Today starts the first of our 10 week blog series with tips and motivation to lose 10 pounds by the first of May. Read here to catch up if you missed last week.  

Do you associate resistance training with weight loss? It’s a common misconception that resistance training (or strength training) is for “bulking up” while cardio-based workouts are for burning calories. In fact, resistance training can burn more calories than cardio, and offer other benefits as well.

Now, before we get into that, lets face it: life is easier when you’re strong. Carrying groceries? One trip. Children to carry? No problem. Car stuck in the snow? Push it out.

Besides making life easier, it doesn’t matter if you are 150 lbs overweight or just need to lose 10 lbs, resistance training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat while building muscle. 

Resistance training works to your advantage in several ways. First, it helps you keep the muscle you have while eating a calorie deficit and losing excess weight. Remember, 3,500 calorie deficit per week (500 calories per day) = 1 pound loss. Adding resistance work to your routine can help you achieve that 500 calorie per day deficit. 

Most people assume they need just aerobic exercise to lose weight. However, strength training has a much greater level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise. Basically, when you finish a workout, your body must use energy to replenish itself and recover.

Using energy means burning calories, and a workout using resistance training will continue to burn calories for much longer than a purely aerobic workout. Some studies have shown that it can boost your metabolism for up to 40 hours after you finish your workout. Burning calories while at home on the couch? Yes please! 

Resistance training can also help increase your overall metabolism by speeding up your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This is because there are more calories required to maintain muscle than there is to maintain fat.  

As you start your #10PoundCountdown to swimsuit season, try adding in resistance training to your workout to aid in healthy weight loss. Let’s lose that fat, and keep the muscle! Start making changes now to make your workouts more effective. Have questions? Talk to a Woodside Personal Trainer

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