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Unbakery Medicinal Waters

Woodside has made a new friend, and the perks are delicious! We’ve partnered with Robin Krause, owner of Unbakery & Juicery located at 63rd street in Brookside to bring you Medicinal Waters and Healthy Snacks. Robin is a certified holistic health coach, whose passion for healthy raw ingredients attracted us to carry a new line of medicinal waters from Unbakery & Juicery. These medicinal waters are locally bottled with filtered water with added mineral properties for specific healing and immune boosting protection for your body.

Here’s a sneak peek of the waters we’ve adopted.

H2o #1 Lemon, cayenne and 9.5 alkaline water

Lemon is great for digestion and cayenne increases metabolism and stimulates the circulatory system and aides in digestion to help regulate blood sugars. Lemon and cayenne both are anti fungal, immune boosting and detoxifying properties. Together a power house not just a morning detox. 

H2o #2 Activated charcoal, turmeric, chlorella, lime and 9.5 alkaline water

Activated charcoal is a powerful detox tool. Absorbing toxins and flushing them from your system. Turmeric protects against cancer, decreases physical pain and liver ailments, increases mental clarity and intestinal health. It helps in weight loss and inflammation. Chlorella “the green food” also aides in detoxing. It’s like releasing a tiny powerful army, removing heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. And the lime? Well, who doesn’t like a lime in their cocktail? 

H2o #3 Lemon, turmeric, aloe and 9.5 alkaline water

Lemon is alkalinizing and great for digestion while the turmeric fights the inflammation. 100 times more toxins are found in fat then in your blood so the combo of lemon and turmeric gets the digestive system on track while helping with weight loss and calming aches and pains mainly caused by inflammation. Aloe is the healing property. It is used for red, irritated sun burns to easy the pain and heal. and it works the same internally. It’s the calm cleanser. 

H2o #4 Organic matcha, mint, honey and 9.5 alkaline water

Matcha is a green tea powder packed with antioxidants. Matcha boost metabolism, naturally detoxifies, clears the mind. and enhances your mood. Rich in magnesium, chromium and magnesium lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugars. Organic mint oil is used to relieve headaches, bad breath, nausea and it tastes amazing. Honey adds a touch of sweetness and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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