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Training Athletes for Performance & Health: The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

One of the components of being a Chiefs Cheerleader is being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. We take pride in being athletic women who are incredible dancers, cheerleaders and communicators. We train hard at practices and we strive to entertain at games and appearances. It is more than just dancing. Woodside’s Personal Training team has utilized their Ortho-Kinetics programming to ensure that our cheerleaders are fit, strong and functional! We are better because of Woodside Personal Training.

Five years into our relationship with Woodside Personal Training we have noticed two distinct advantages.

1.) Our candidates, both current team members and future team members, come into the initial workshops and then auditions in better shape than ever before. It is obvious that the level of physical expectations has been increased and the word is out: we are athletes!

2.) During the season, we have seen DRAMATICALLY lower incidents of injury – especially mid to late season. Our athletes are better prepped to meet the physical demand of all the dancing, kicking and high intensity practices and games. We are truly thankful for the knowledge, expertise and personal care that the Woodside Personal Training Team provides us all year long.

We could not be more excited to have our Woodside Trainers. Their professionalism is wonderful, but what is surprising is how personally invested they are with each of their cheerleader clients. They support them entirely, from nutrition and strength, through the occasional injury, and sometimes act as a strong ear to lean on when working through the personal stresses our cheerleaders sometimes encounter during their fitness journeys. It is rewarding to watch our new rookies come in new to the process, and over the course of one or more years see them confident and strong both mentally and physically. Woodside Personal Training has helped us develop true athletes that are some of the best in the NFL. We truly love them!

-Stephanie Judah

Cheerleader Director of the Chiefs Cheerleaders

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