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The 3L Model


Woodside’s Group Fitness schedule is carefully crafted each month to help you establish a weekly regimen for high performance training. This algorithm is structured using our Triple Lifestyle Model, or 3L Model, which uses three main focal points to help set our members up for success:

  1. Class Curriculum | Our class formats are categorized as follows:
    a. Strength | Conditioning, athletic and low-impact classes that provide results in building strength. Example classes include: BODYPUMP™, BEST BUTT NOW, ACTIVE TONE
    b. Cardio | Cardiovascular-focused workouts that involve cycling, rowing and HIIT. Example classes include: CYCLE BEATS, THE ROW, GRIT™ CARDIO
    c. Regenerative | The final and necessary component to maximize performance, regenerative classes help the mind and body remain open and aligned. Example classes include: YIN YOGA, ROLL + RELEASE MEDITATION REST™
  2. Day of the Week | Humans are habitual beings. We like consistency in our scheduling. Whether you prefer to work out using a weekly pattern (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday), only on the weekends or even every single day, our group fitness classes are scheduled so that you can access each type of class format on any day of the week.
  3. Time of Day | If you’ve been working out for a while, you likely know the best time of day for your mind and body to exercise. Whether you’re coming in before work, after work and/or during your lunch break, you can get your group fitness fix.

Once you have a day and time in mind, it’s time to dive into the schedule. The Group Fitness schedule is modified slightly each month when there are instructor updates or new classes added, but you can rely on it to help you keep a consistent weekly regimen overall because of how we intentionally set it up to be used with the 3L Model. Each class is bookended with supporting curriculum. If you select a 6:00PM Cardio class, there are Strength and Regenerative classes slotted before and after. This scheduling is strategically implemented to ensure you can access all three types of class curriculum no matter what day of the week or time you choose.

If you can only work out on your lunch break, you can choose a Strength class on Monday, a Regenerative class on Wednesday and a Cardio class on Friday. If your schedule is tight and you can only come in on two evenings, just choose a Strength and Regenerative class back-to-back on one evening and a Cardio class on the second evening. No matter what your unique circumstances may be, there are solutions available to work with your schedule. Of course, if you’re here every day, you’re free to mix it up however you’d like! Group fitness classes are unlimited for Woodside members.

We look forward to seeing you at your next Group Fitness class!

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