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Registration Open: Summer 2017 Challenge Ladder!

Are you up for a challenge? The challenge of being the best singles player at Woodside for Summer 2017 in your division!

The challenge ladder is a singles flex league that is played starting June 5 with matches to be completed by August 27. Number of matches will depend on number of players in your division and the 12 weeks of play.

A schedule of play will be created ahead of time of who you will play each week. You and your opponent will contact each other to schedule play on your own time. All matches must be complete by August 27 and the players with the highest point total is the ladder winner. The winner of the match is responsible for entering the match scores.

Scoring will be 2-out-of-3 sets using a match tie break for the third set. You will receive 1 point for every game that you win, 2 points for every set and 3 points for every match. If a tie breaker is played, it should be entered as 1-0 not the actual tie break score – this is very important! Prizes will go to the winner of each division.

Cost: $75 + tax for the 3 months of play. This includes: a can of balls for every match and available indoor court time for your match in case of rain or outdoor courts booked.

Follow the divisions listed below based on your tencap singles rating and enter yourself in the challenge!

Players must register by June 1!  Good luck to all players this year! Click here to register.

Any questions? Call Tennis Director Dave Gary at 913-275-5943 or [email protected]

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