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Q & A with Wendy Zoog, Co-founder of KALOS

Meet the teacher behind the latest fit-forward, heart-centered movement in KC, Wendy Zoog. Most of you are familiar with Wendy as she teaches at Woodside on a regular basis, but this weekend she is bringing her practice to Woodside in a brand new format, with KALOS. Join us on Sunday, Nov 19 at noon to experience this high-intensity yoga and cardio-based workout paired with meditation and stretching. Here’s a quick Q&A with your teacher on her background and what KALOS is all about.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

Ive been practicing for 17 years and teaching for 4 years.

What were you doing before yoga?

I’m a registered nurse and worked in orthopedics and pain management. I’m athletic and like to stay active. I was a Woodside cardio junkie back in the 90’s, those were some fun times ! I’ve always loved the Woodside teachers and community. It’s quite the health and wellness compound!

What does KALOS mean?

KALOS means goodness that inspires. People often ask how to pronounce it …it’s ‘kaw’-los. It was not easy finding a word/name that encompassed the concept and purpose of our message . It needed to be unique and have a deeper meaning beyond the physical body.

What got you started with KALOS?

In June of 2015 I had taken this amazing class while visiting New York – it moved me in a way that when it was over I knew I wanted and needed to teach that style of movement. In August of 2015 I taught my own version of this class and called it “Exhale”. It was the perfect blend of cardio movements paired with yoga based breathing and self-connection. It was everything I had ever wanted blended together in one workout.

I was completely over the “get the perfect body “ workouts and how to “burn a million calories” mind set. I knew what yoga had done for me physically, spiritually and emotionally. There was a reason i kept stepping back on my mat. Exhale was frequented by runners, yogis, and cyclist. It was a class where all body types and mindsets were able to move and breathe together. Unfortunately that studio closed and my Exhale class went dormant.

It was last winter when I bumped into my dear friend Julia Harkleroad, LMF (now my KALOS business partner). She was happy with her private therapy practice and teaching yoga, but she was looking to find another teaching outlet. I told her I was hoping to find a place to teach a class like Exhale and to look at a few articles about this style of movement. That night she texted me saying “Lets do this Wendy – this is what I’m already doing with some of my clients – this needs to accessible to everyone in KC”, and yep… that’s how KALOS was born!

We have spent the past 6 months offering beta KALOS Experiences collecting data through questioners, observation and workshops. On August 26th we had our official KALOS Experience launch event. We now have 3 KALOS offerings a week and are continuing to do pop-up events around the city. Check out for classes and events. We want to expose as many students of all ages and bodies types to this style of movement and self-connection .

What can members expect on Nov 19?

KALOS is a heart-centered, sweaty workout beginning with a full-body stretch. You will then be guided through intervals of high and low intensity movements. We offer modifications and encourage students to listen their bodies (being heart-centered). This class will then end with meditation, deep stretch and relaxation.

What are three take-aways from this class?

1. Experience a feeling of physical and emotional release (this is a heart-centered, sweaty workout)

2. A clearer understanding of the value and importance of how breathing can affect your workout.

3. Discover ways to access inner stillness.

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