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Personal Training: Changing the Standard for NFL Cheerleaders

Woodside’s Personal Training team is responsible for the performance and fitness of the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders. 2017 marks the fifth year of this partnership.

To be an NFL Cheerleader, you must be disciplined, fit and conditioned for endurance and performance. The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders are some of the most fit in the NFL, thanks to specialized training by Woodside Personal Trainers.

For five years, we have been changing the standard of what it means to look like an NFL Cheerleader. Instead of training these women to look ultra-skinny, we build athletes with lean muscle who can withstand the rigorous task of performing for five hours straight and leading 80,000 screaming Chief’s fan who make Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the world.

Enduring a six-month long season of looking and performing their very best takes discipline. From controlled nutrition, professional training and recovery techniques, these women are elite athletes.

So how do we do this?

Woodside Trainers have worked to develop specific programs that promote intensity, frequency, technique and recovery to increase strength, mobility, quickness and endurance. Each athlete on the team has an individually designed program that fits their goals – both aesthetically and performance-based.

Like any sport, injury can be a common threat but we have learned to decrease the risk of injury by finding weaknesses and addressing them before injuries occur. We constantly evaluate for symmetry in strength and symmetry in motion so that each athlete on the team is balanced, strong and ready to perform. Through near perfect technique with every repetition we can maximize efficiency in every workout while minimizing injury risk. These concepts mixed with specific and healthy diets allow the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders to look and feel at their very best all season long.

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