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The One-Day Juice Cleanse Guide

Woodside’s Earthbar Juice Cleanse Kit provides everything you need to complete your one-day cleanse. Seven cold-pressed juices (made in-house daily), plus two wellness shots and vitamins.

The following cleanse schedule has been to developed to provide maximum nutritional and detoxifying benefits for your one-day cleanse. You can drink your juices in any order you wish, and according to your own schedule; but it is highly recommended to begin the day with Total Greens.

7am | Total Greens & AM Vitamins
9am | Liver Cleanse
10am | Wellness Shot
11am | Veggie Power
12pm | E3 Live Shot
12pm | Citrus Cleanse
3pm | Almond Mylk
5pm | Yellow Jacket & PM Vitamins
7pm | Gimme Greens

Three days prior to your cleanse you should begin to rule out the following items from your diet: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, processed sugar, and you should also cut back on the meat if you are an omnivore. Think steamed or baked fish (if you absolutely must have meat) with veggies and salad.

Two days prior to your cleanse you should be consuming mostly the following: Green salads with quinoa or brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and baked sweet potatoes. Try to avoid breads, pasta, white rice, eggs, and dairy.

One day before your cleanse, you are almost there: Green salads, fresh juice, vegetable broth, soups, fresh fruits, steamed or raw vegetables.

It will not help if you consume a large meal the night prior to a cleanse; you are not a bear preparing for hibernation and your body will not be happy with you. During your cleanse you should also be drinking a glass of warm/lukewarm water with lemon in between each juice. This will help your body eliminate toxins as well as rehydrate and alkalize.

Just like you eased your digestive system into cleansing, you are also going to ease out of it. Reversing the order in which you prepared for your cleanse is going to be your go-to plan.

One day after your cleanse: Green salads, fresh juices, fruit and veggie smoothies, fresh fruits, soups, vegetable broth and steamed or raw vegetables.

Two days after your cleanse you should be consuming mostly the following: Green salads with quinoa or brown rice, fruit/veggie smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and baked sweet potatoes. You can also eat a small amount of cheese as well if you like.

Three days after your cleanse you can begin to return to your normal diet, but take it slowly. Just listen to your body and make sure it agrees with what you are eating.

Remember, your digestive system needs a few days to return to its fully functional state. Don’t shock it back to life with a bacon cheeseburger!

Other tips for a successful cleanse
Be sure to drink water throughout the day, preferably with lemon. Replace coffee with green tea, and engage in light exercise to increase detoxifying effects.

Reserve your cleanse at least two days in advance at the Earthbar.

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