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Mocktails: Virgin Drinks All Grown Up

Today, there are cocktail bars popping up all over the city, creating the most unique and tasteful flavor combinations involving fresh herbs and spirits, but you never hear about Shirley Temples or virgin daiquiris making a comeback. There’s a revolution behind today’s cocktail industry- but this year, mocktails are not far behind. There used to be a stigma behind the idea of a non-alcoholic beverage, but now these artisan hand-crafted, spirit-free beverages are hitting the books as a nation-wide trend. Woodside Kitchen & Bar is adopting the revolution of health-focused buzz-less beverages with our own signature Mocktails. Take a sneak peak at our non-alcoholic beverage options below.

2017 Summer Mocktails

Summer in Saigon
blackberry, orange, lemon, cinnamon

Mock Mule
ginger kombucha, agave, mint, lime

Fresh Pressed
strawberry, lemon

Turmeric Tonic
chia seeds, honey, ginger

Pineapple Express
pineapple, lime, mint, orgeat

Wanna try one of these delicious beverages with a kick? Ask for the spiked version at The Bar or Pool Bar all summer long.

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