Inversion & Arm Balance Workshop with Abbi Miller

Flip your perspective! Inversions and arm balances are great ways to challenge the way we experience life. I’m an inversion junkie. Besides being insanely fun, they are this amazing energizing tool that revives and replenishes all of our body systems in only a few minutes practice.  Touted the “yoga fountain of youth”, come join me for some upside down fun!  I’ll show you some easy poses, including modifications for injuries to incorporate every day!

I can share the many benefits of inversions via a great blog post here.

This workshop is for those feeling adventurous and playful, and intended for seasoned beginners through advanced practitioners. The session will begin with an introspective guided meditation, followed by a warming flow that culminates in enlivening arm inversions and fun arm balances. Come play!

Join Woodside Yoga Teacher Abbi Miller on Sunday, Jan 24 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm in the Yoga Studio for this complimentary workshop. Space is limited, sign-up in advance with Katie Swetala. Guests welcome with standard guest fee.

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