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Get to Know the Trainers

At Woodside, we are proud to bring together a team of full-time, dedicated and passionate training professionals who must complete a minimum of 100 hours of classroom and practicum training to be Ortho-Kinetics certified. Our trainers work tirelessly to help their clients reach their goals and live the fullest, healthiest lives, whatever that looks like to them. Learn more about some of our trainers below. To schedule your free hour, click here



Emily is from Wichita, KS. She studied Human Nutrition in college and then started her career in training. When she is not at Woodside you can find her listening to crime podcasts or watching crime documentaries, traveling with friends or enjoying a Margarita. 

What motivated you to go into a career of training?

I grew up in a family that instilled health and fitness and it’s importance at a young age. Growing up as an athlete,  I always knew that I wanted to go into a career that focused around sports or fitness. Experiencing being trained by others through those years, I realized it was something I was passionate about persuing as a career. It would be a job I would love to get up and go to everyday.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Building relationships with my clients and seeing them grow and progress in their personal fitness journey.

How would you describe your training style? 

I will always be your biggest hype-man! I will help you meet your goals and ambitions because they will become by goals and ambitions as well.



Ryan grew up in North Kansas City. He has been a competitive runner for over 7 years and a Personal Trainer for over 4. He studied Computer Science and still loves to utilize those skills to build, construct and develop through all aspects of life.  When he is not at Woodside you can find him distance running wherever he can, geeking out on anatomy, fitness and nutrition research, traveling, hiking or cheering on Manchester United with a cold Rolling Rock. 

What motivated you to go into a career of training?

I played soccer from ages 3 to 18. At that time, I was in great shape and could eat anything I wanted and stay that way.  Going into my 20’s I no longer had exercise built into my routine that, paired with a lot of bad eating habits, started to show. I became really overweight, felt sluggish, slept terribly and generally lost confidence in myself. I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror anymore and needed to make a change. I started to workout again and slowly added running back into my fitness routine. Through that I also became hyper-focused on good nutrition and lost over 50 pounds in 6 months. Once I started to put on lean mass, I was feeling powerful again — like a weapon. I was feeding off of the endorphins. I had this crazy idea one day that it would be cool to get paid to make people experience the way I was feeling. So, here I am!

What is your favorite part about your job?

Client success hands down! Having been all over the spectrum myself from great athletic shape, to being overweight and having to climb out of the abyss to get back to a happier state — I recognize ANY success a client achieves. That is joy in it’s pure definition. Also, let’s be real, they are so much more than clients, they are friends. The relationships I have created through my career in training are priceless. I am 100% real with everyone of them. I am more transparent than Scotch Tape. I don’t know any other way to be and I love seeing the results that can bring.

How would you describe your training style?

I am like a mullet — business up front and party in the back! In other words, I take care of business up front with my clients. I listen to your goals and aspirations, test to see what is currently working well and what needs improvement, meet you where you are in terms of fitness levels and design a personalized plan to help you meet your goals. That is where the party starts! We start putting the plan into action. We monitor your progress and adjust where we need to in the moment — this is the part where the magic starts to happen.



Terrill grew up in Salina, KS.  He spent 4 years in active duty with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and 4 years in the Kansas Army National Guard. When he is not at Woodside you can find him cooking, listening to music or enjoying sports. 

What motivated you to go into a career of training?

For me, I really just wanted to help people move better and live healthier lives. Training gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I love getting to build relationships with my clients and helping them move in a better way for their body. I like helping them meet their goals.

How would you describe your training style? 

Traninig with me you will not only meet your goals, but you will laugh and have fun along the way.



Tika grew up in Missouri and has been training for over 2 years. When she is not at Woodside you can find her performing random acts of kindness, meal prepping, practicing her skills to become a dance party specialist, taking power naps and hanging out with her son. 

What motivated you to go into a career of training?

Having my own unique fitness journey to where I am now, I wanted the opportunity to teach others that it is possible to turn pain into strength, stress into joy and setbacks into comebacks!  

What is your favorite part about your job?

We are able to be so much more than a trainer. We are part coach, part cheerleader, part empath, part mentor — we get to develop really unique relationships with each and everyone of our clients.

How would you describe your training style?

You absolutely have what it takes to meet your fitness goals. Just show up and I will be sure to meet you where you are.

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