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You Are HOW You Eat: Food for Thought

“Eating a meal is not just how you survive but how you invest in the future of your body, mind, the Earth and your long-term happiness. Breathing guarantees moments full of better choices, slowing down and sensory enjoyment. Remember, your meal is the ending process of moments from the farm, soil, harvesters, grocery store, friendships, preparation, memories, and more.

Take time every time you sit down to eat. Begin your meal in your mind as you breathe. After this slowing down, your body will be more available to experience the taste, feel and smell of each precious bite. Take in your meal with absolute concentration and see how differently you begin to relate to food and your choices about food. Let the entire process of eating, even doing the dishes, be a time of gratitude, solace and nourishment.”

-Carrah Quigley

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