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Drink with Purpose: The Kitchen’s Beverage Breakdown

We know what nutrition (and hydration) means to your overall health. We pride ourselves in finding products with purpose in all of our offerings. That’s why we’ve decided to break it down even further by showcasing our beverage options so you know exactly what you’re getting – without having to read every label.

Protein Focused Beverages

Benefits: Protein is essential to a healthy diet – it’s a pre-workout for endurance and energy, post-workout for recovery and building lean muscle, and a healthy snack or meal alternative.

MUSCLE MILK – helps keep your body in positive protein balance to promote exercise recovery, provide sustained energy and build lean muscle – and it’s gluten-free
MUSCLE MILK LIGHT – a low-fat and sugar free version
CORE POWER ELITE – made from real, fresh, cold-filtered, lactose-free milk without any added protein powders. Core Power is a convenient, delicious source of high-protein nutrition that replenishes and revitalizes your body.
ORGAIN – One ready-to-drink vegan shake contains 16g of organic protein, organic fruits and veggies and 21 vitamins & minerals.

Energy Focused Beverages

Benefits: These delicious beverages contain little to no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and provide a good boost of energy for your day and your metabolism. A great alternative to coffee!

STEAZ ENERGY – naturally caffeinated with iced green tea and other organic ingredients to provide a clean energy boost.
SAMBAZON ENERGY – naturally caffeinated and packed with powerful antioxidants from acai berry and acerola cherry. Sambazon is organic, vegan, non-GMO, fair trade, kosher, gluten and lactose free.
FITAID – formulated to aid in recovery (including hangover recoveries☺) using glutamine, glucosamine, turmeric, BCAAs, omega-3s, CoQ10
CELSIUS – clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn calories and body fat while providing healthy energy.
CELSIUS HEAT – carbonated pre-workout that contains 2,000 mg of L-citrulline and 300mg of caffeine in addition to the metabolism-boosting formula of the original Celsius drink.

Gut Health Focused Beverages

Benefits: These beverages provide good bacteria to your gut to promote healthy flora within the body. These beverages also aid your body with focus, energy and healthy digestion.

KEVITA PROBIOTIC TONICS – hand-crafted fermented drinks with live probiotics, active cultures and apple cider vinegar to revitalize your gut.
GT’S SYNERGY KOMBUCHA – natural effervescence paired with fresh-pressed organic juice or fruit puree. A solid stepping stone for the rookie Kombucha drinker.
HEALTH-ADE KOMBUCHA – always organic, fermented in glass, small-batch brewed.

Soda Alternatives

Benefits: These beverages are great alternative options to soda that you can have with a meal or on the go when you don’t have a need for a functional drink.

KID-FRIENDLY HONEST TEA FLAVORS – an organic alternative to fruit-juice pouches, sweetened only with real fruit juice.
LA CROIX – 100% sparking water with a hint of all-natural fruit flavor
GATORADE G2 – all the electrolytes with half the sugar
LEMONADE – an organic way to enjoy this refreshing classic

Hydration Focused Beverages

Benefits: These delicious drinks are full of electrolytes and/or antioxidants that promote hydration to the body.

ALOE H2O – the goodness of aloe infused with coconut water’s naturally-occurring electrolytes quench thirst and aid in digestion by breaking down sugars and fats.
STEAZ COCONUT GREEN TEA – refreshing organic green tea with a subtle hint of coconut.
C2O COCONUT WATER – made from young, green coconuts sourced from Thailand, with naturally occurring electrolytes.
VITAMIN WATER ZERO – chocked full of vitamins and electrolytes to fuel the body, without the calories.

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