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Bring Your Practice Into Balance


In this workshop you will learn how to balance longer and with more stability by slowing down the physical and mental approach into the posture. We will look at the key elements of how to align the body and place the mind ( the meaning of vinyasa) to take the anxiety out of falling off balance.

Feel more confidence in the sturdiness of your body, mind and practice. The workshop will give you the tools to move in a quicker paced class with more competence and joy. We will focus on the one footed (eka pada) postures like Warrior 3, Tree, Eagle and Half Moon. Within that is the teaching of how to transition to these postures and create more stability by strengthening the hips, low back and areas relative to the pelvis and legs.

This workshop is influenced by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and taught by Woodside yoga teacher Maggie Kortchmar.

$20/member | $30/guest Register via email with Katie Swetala 

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