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Add Ammunition To Your Immunity This Season

Earthbar product of the week: Super Immune Booster! 

All of our earthbar products, from vitamins to tinctures, are custom herbal formulations made with only the highest quality ingredients. Each is formulated for a specific need such as energy, immunity, focus, digestion, etc.

This week, we are promoting our Super Immune Booster to help you fight off the seasonal discomforts we often are exposed to during the winter months. This tincture is packed with echinacea, an herb that has been widely used for centuries to fight infections and assist the immune system.

Modern uses for this herb are predominately to help prevent and reduce the severity of cold symptoms. It also contains Oregon grape, which has been used to treat infections as well as cleanse your digestive system. Healthy digestion is essential for optimal health. This herbal formula can be taken directly or added to your smoothie or juice. 

This week only: ask for your free shot of Super Immune Booster in your smoothie or juice!

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