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8 Fall Health and Wellness Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

A young couple jogging in a park outdoors during the fall wealther

Fall is a time of shorter daylight and busy events for many families with school in session and work often becoming even busier than during the summer months. Finding a Kansas City wellness center like Woodside to help with your health journey is important, but let’s look at some overall wellness tips that can help you, too:


One of the things we see in autumn is nature slowing down, so it is a time we may reflect on if we should do the same in some areas of our lives. Consider how you have been feeling in the days leading up to this time of year. Do you need more time to relax? If you are unsure about your moods, consider writing in a journal to help you figure them out. 

If you know you need relaxation, consider yoga or other meditation practices that bring you more reflection time. At Woodside’s Yoga Studio, we offer over 30 classes each week of varying levels to serve members from beginner to advanced feel grounded and find renewal. 


Although you can take supplements, you can get the most Vitamin D from the sun. While the weather is still warm enough to spend some time outside, you may want to enjoy afternoons outdoors soaking up some rays to boost your mood and immune system. 

Woodside offers outdoor seating areas where you can relax and visit with other members or just sit and enjoy your time while the weather is still nice enough to do so. 


Changes in the weather cause problems for your skin, so you need to take extra care of those issues with the change in seasons. A change to fall weather generally makes skin dry, so you will want to moisturize your skin regularly. 

If you find the need or desire for more in depth measures, you may want to try The Spa at Woodside where we offer numerous facial and skin care options. With a full range of professional aesthetic services and dedicated spa service providers, you will find the right treatments to meet your needs. 


If you have done well eating healthy selections during the spring and summer months, be sure to consider how you may need to now change your eating habits and selections as the seasons change. The change in season also means a change in the produce that is now growing and your most nutritional foods may be different.

Generally, squash, cabbage, broccoli, kale, beets and many dark leafy greens are good choices during this time. Find out if any farmers’ markets in your area stay active during the fall months.

Since we offer nutritious food and drink choices with Woodside’s dining options, you can’t go wrong enjoying meals with us. Whether you eat at The Kitchen, The Bar, The Earthbar or other options, our menus are grounded in health and wellness through our 6 Standards of Quality. We offer members the best that can be found and consider our food as an extension of their wellness and health journeys. 

A woman holding a pumpkin soup like that served at our Kansas City wellness center


Before it becomes too cold, it is time to check out your closet and be certain you can easily access clothes for cooler and cold weather. You don’t want to be in a hurry and not be able to find what you need. 

In addition to the clothes that you regularly wear, you will want to ensure you have gloves, scarves or ear muffs, a winter coat, warm socks and snow boots. During transitional weather, make sure to check the weather expected each day before you leave since the morning may be very different from the afternoon and evening weather. 


Since you are reorganizing the clothes you will be wearing and some other items to prepare for colder weather, this is a good time for spring cleaning. Go ahead and clean out closets, organize rooms that you don’t use as often and rid yourself of some things you don’t need any longer. 


Consider the other things you need to do to prepare for inclement weather conditions before they arrive. Inside your home, think about a few things you may need. Do your flashlights have working batteries? Do you have candles handy? Is your heat working well? Do you have blankets or quilts close in case heat stops working? 

Thinking about outside of your home: do you have a shovel and/or snow blower to help with the outdoor areas? You may need to clear sidewalks, the driveway, the patio or any other area that you or others need to easily access. Do you need to have a bag of salt to spread over ice? 

What about your car? Should you carry a blanket or quilt in the car during the coldest months in case of car trouble? Do you have AAA or another automobile service and, if so, do you have that number handy in case you need it in an emergency? This is a good time to be certain you are prepared.


People tend to hibernate in the winter, but it is important to stay active and not isolate yourself. Maintaining a schedule can help you with this. Participating in a Kansas City wellness center like Woodside can help you maintain your health journey through its many offerings like the group fitness classes that fit all levels. 

You can take part in group fitness like conditioning, low impact, athletic and more at Woodside. We have something for everyone, with a diverse selection of times to fit all schedules.  


After serving members for more than50 years, let us be your destination for fitness, rejuvenation and community as you meet the Fall and continue on or begin your wellness journey. We are proud of the atmosphere we’ve built for our members and would love to provide a tour for you to show you what we have to offer!

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