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6 Workouts Based on Superhero Superpowers

With the help of Woodside Personal Trainers, we’ve developed 6 calisthenics workouts based on signature moves of some of the most famous superheroes! These simple workouts can be done anywhere at anytime, and helps focus on areas where these heroes are the strongest. You never know when your superpowers are needed… try em out, the world is your playground.

Black Panther

Violent grace and style is definitive when the Avenger Black Panther is at the helm of vengeance. Using body weight calisthenics, Black Panther is restricted only by her own body weight against gravity. Improving upon her lean muscle mass and ability to leap, balance, and strike!

1. Wakanda Warrior Lunge

2. T’Challa Squat

3. Panther Plyo Squat


Explosive intimidation and power drive Batman’s aggressive athleticism. Protecting Gotham City is a task that requires maximum strength and the ability to display raw force. Using kettle bells and medicine balls, Batman has the equipment to equally build upon the size and strength necessary to be The Dark Knight of DC Comics most dangerous city.

1. Gotham Grab

2. Dark Knight Toss

3. Sprinters of Justice


Truth. Justice. The American Way. These three principles drive the spirit of what Superman stands for. Superman trains for power and strength using large explosive movement patterns with heavy medicine balls and kettle bells… or a car or airplane if there’s one available.

1. Krypton Carry

2. Throw of Justice

3. Phantom Zone Slam

4. Kryptonite Clean

5. Swing of Justice


Quick witted and balanced, Spiderman/women has to outmaneuver her enemies. Relying on her ability to use small isolated muscles she is able to pull and swing from her webs without hesitation. For power and control, she strengthens her core and glutes to move with the ease and agility of a spider.

1. Wall Crawlers

2. Spider Bite Sit-Up

3. Kettle Bell Swings

4. Web Slinger

5. Arachnid Lunge

The Flash

With raw speed and agility, Flash is a force to be reckoned with. Training for maximum velocity allows him to improve on his rate in which he changes position. Using ladders, cones and any point of contact allows the Flash to be faster than any of his opponents, changing the rate time passes entirely, on account of his speed.

1. Lateral Lightning Drills

2. Central City Hurdles

3. Lightning Ladder

4. Flash Sprints

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman epitomizes strength without losing an ounce of femininity. As an amazon, Wonder Woman was trained in strength, and athleticism for use in battle. Wielding a sword, shield and lasso, she trains her glutes, core and posture. Without these additions to her training, she would fall victim to weakness and bad posture on account of the tools she uses for delivering justice. Much like delivering reports and this reading this blog at your desk.

1. Kettle Bell of Justice

2. Themyscira Sprinter

3. Band Pull of Truth

4. Amazon Plank

Now you’ve got the moves, get out there and save the world.


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