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Four Ways to Train

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Which training model is right for me?

No more excuses. We’ve designed Woodside Personal Training to be adaptable to any lifestyle or needs. Regardless of your schedule or budget, our trainers will design a program that is right for you, based on where you are today and where you want to be, so you can focus on getting healthier, stronger and reaching your goals.

You decide what your schedule and budget can allow, and book your training sessions accordingly, from once a month to five times a week – it’s up to you – you’ll still receive custom programming tailored to your fitness level and goals, and have 24/7 access to your personal trainer.

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One on One

Push through barriers. Reimagine possibility. Redefine success.

Dedicated trainers who’ve built a life out of helping others are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to uncover your unique strengths and weaknesses, and how to train smarter to become stronger, faster and fitter than you knew possible. Get matched with a trainer today and start redefining what it means to be fit.

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Pilates Training

Build long, lean muscles, improve core strength and balance and tone your entire body through Pilates Reformer classes or individual sessions, led by Stott-certified personal trainers.


Training camps

Take part in seasonal Training Camps alongside other members looking to push themselves to new limits. Camps span all fitness types, so whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, improve conditioning, or just get in shape and meet new people, there’s a Training Camp on the calendar for you. 

Small Group Training

Build comradery, stay accountable and have fun in a results-oriented Small Group Training team guided by a Woodside personal trainer. Enjoy the unique benefits of personalized instruction combined with a supportive team atmosphere. 

Our exclusive SGT is a professionally developed, high-intensity interval training program that burns fat, builds muscle and provides full-body conditioning.