Onsite Nursery offering care for infants six weeks through kindergarten-age children. Our goal is provide each child with a positive experience each and every visit.
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At Woodside, we know how important it is to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle from childhood, on. And we believe fitness isn’t something you should sacrifice as a parent. That’s why we offer nursery care for children of members, from six weeks to school-aged. You can enjoy all your Club has to offer while your kids play and mingle with other children under the guidance of our highly trained staff. 



At Woodside, our goal is to provide each child with a positive experience each and every visit. In order to maintain a safe and clean childcare environment, we ask that you please respect the rules of the Nursery. We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the safety and happiness of your child and others.



$5 per hour

Members can pay for each child on their Woodside account or by cash, check or credit card. 


Call the Studios at 913.831.9663.

Woodside requires reservations prior to bringing your child to the Nursery. They may be made up to six days in advance. Reservations may be made for up to an hour and a half per child. 

Please drop off and pick up your child at the reserved time to avoid overlap with other reservations. When dropping your child off, please check in at the Studios Front Desk and then walk them to the Nursery. When you enter the Nursery, please let the caregivers know who they are and fill out the sign-in sheet. This allows the staff to contact you should they need to. 


You may make cancellations up to 24 hours prior to the reserved time free of charge. If cancellations are made after that time, or in the event of a no-show, Woodside will charge one hour of nursery time to the parent’s member account on file.  


The nursery staff cannot change diapers per Kansas Health Department regulations. Please be sure to check your child’s diaper before leaving him or her in the Nursery. If a child’s diaper needs changing, the parent will be called to the nursery to take care of it.

There is a changing table located in the women’s locker room. 


No food or drink is allowed in the Woodside Nursery, with the exception of bottles. Please make sure you feed your child before bringing him or her to the Nursery.


Please do not bring your child to the Nursery if he or she has a fever or exhibits other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose or cough. Any child displaying symptoms of illness will not be allowed in the Nursery. Woodside sanitizes and washes the toys as well as vacuums the floors, daily. Misbehavior or unruly children will not be tolerated. If a problem exists, the parent will be notified. 

Misbehavior or unruly children will not be tolerated. If a problem exists, the parent will be notified via cell phone. 



5:30am – 1:30pm

4pm – 7:30pm

8am – 12:15pm


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